Commentary by Rebecca Loos on the New David Beckham Netflix Documentary

Rebecca Loos

Rebecca Loos Reminiscing About a Forgettable Party

In a recent confession, Rebecca Loos described a dramatic but ultimately disappointing evening that occurred in September of 2003. Everything happened at Brazilian player Ronaldo’s lavish birthday celebration in his mansion in a ritzy neighbourhood of northern Madrid. Ronaldo was known for throwing extravagant parties with an abundance of delicious food, a loud Brazilian samba band, and countless bottles of champagne. But Rebecca was feeling anything but festive on this particular evening.

Affair Uncovered

At the time, Rebecca Loos was involved in a highly publicised romance with her coworker at Real Madrid, David Beckham. Although Beckham and Victoria Beckham had not yet wed, their affair had already become a major media sensation. While the evening progressed, Rebecca was dismayed to discover David “hiding at the bottom of the garden” with a beautiful Spanish model.

The Phone Call From Victoria

But that wasn’t the only thing that upset Rebecca; her phone rang, and it was Victoria Beckham, looking for her husband. Rebecca recalls that her friend was concerned because she had tried phoning David but he had not responded to her calls. “I admitted that I did not know where he was… She then tells him, “Don’t hang up; go find him.” She felt uneasy at that situation.

Rebecca Loos, Interrupting Confidences

Rebecca was put in the awkward position of having to go on the lookout for David Beckham. She entered the house, went upstairs, and found David’s two bodyguards waiting for her outside a closed door. She watched as he disappeared inside after whispering “It’s Victoria!” to one of the guards and acting out a phone call. He reappeared with David at his side. Rebecca saw the Spanish model dozing off on the bed in the room behind them.

A Terribly Sad Occasion

Feeling betrayed, Rebecca gave David the phone. David and Victoria then had a private talk, leaving Rebecca to ruminate on her turbulent emotions in silence. “I was so hurt,” she cries out. It was a horrible sensation, and I remember thinking, “You idiot,” to myself. But he had me; he had his teeth in me; I did anything he wanted.

To Be Revealed

Rebecca Loos’s shocking discoveries about the circumstances surrounding David Beckham’s marriage to Victoria. It provide a fresh take on the events of that fateful night. A clear picture emerges of the turbulent past that ultimately impacted their lives, complete with the affair, the secret trysts, and the convoluted emotions that swirled around the issue. As David Beckham’s Netflix documentary debuts, we are reminded of the uphill battle he has overcome to reach this point in his career.